The following menu will be available from March the 5th.

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Our brand new menu, from the March the 5th:

Our seafood tapas

Rosetta breadwith Luciana-style octopus and mashed potatoes€7
Mexican tacocatalan-style shrimps and guacamole€4each€7,52 pcs.
Spring Rollwith shrimp, buffalo mozzarella and zucchini flower€3,5each€72 pcs.
Venetian-style cod croquettesquid ink corn flour, on a cold chickpea and lemon puree€3,5each€103 pcs.
Roasted octopus burritowith bell pepper and potato sauce€5,5
Marinated mackerelmussel mayonnaise, parsley water and rye bread€3
Fish frywith anchovies, squid and shrimp€7
Tartaretuna or salmon€6
Rice, potatoes and mussels€6
Lasagna with sardines ragù and wild fennel€6
Our tapas selection€30

Raw seafood

each1/2 doz.
OysterFine de Claire€3€15
OysterPeter Pan n.6€3€15
OysterUtah Beach M. Jean Paul n.4€4,5€23
Red Shrimp€3€15
Purple Shrimp€3€15
Nassa Shrimp€10
Warty-Venus Clam€2€10
Sea Mantis Shrimp€2€10
Sea Squirtda €3 a €4
Tartaretuna or salmon€12
Carpacciotuna or salmon€12
Crudo Salicornia€25
Gran Crudo Salicornia€45


Scallop, trinxat and turnip tops€13
Mullet sandwich, jerusalem artichoke, olives and potato foam€13
Steamed Shrimps, vietnamese mayonnaise and red beet€12
Mussels sautée€10
Pumpkin and ginger soup with pecorino cheese sauce and amaretti€11


Spaghettoni pasta with clams, edible flowers and bottarga€14
Eastern-style ravioli with a weever and shitake filling, dashi broth and turnip€15
Tonnarello pasta with squid, samphire and pecorino cheese€15
Risotto with shrimps, apulian stracciatella, smoked carrot and lemon€15
Pasta with pesto of the week€13

Main courses

Catch-of-the-day, celeriac, liquorice and “Salicornia-style emulsion”€19
Express seafood soup in a cooking jar€18
Cod “cacciatore”€17
Tuna tataki with our fennel, oranges and olives salad€19


Mandarin semifreddo€6
Mille-feuille with candied pumpkin€6
Crème Brûlèe with liquorice and goat cheese€6
Chocolate mousse with salted salicornia caramel€6

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Fishery products to be consumed raw or almost raw underwent preventive treatment in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 853/2004, Annex III, Section VIII, Chapter 3, Part D, Paragraph 3. Some products on the menu might have undergone blast chilling for preservation purposes or might have been initially frozen in case of a lack of fresh product.