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    Salicornia Ristorante & Bistrot overlooks the pedestrian area of Via del Pigneto, which is the beating heart of the neighbourhood, the center around which the new roman nightlife revolves and a modern tourist attraction. Moreover, Pigneto was crowned the most hipster neighbourhood in Europe by Lonely Planet. It is here, in this off-the-beaten-path travel destination, that fragments of imperial history and the new Rome live together and are constantly evolving.

    Pigneto neighbourhood is a triangular area just outside Porta Maggiore, enclosed by Via Prenestina, Via Casilina and Via dell’Acqua Bullicante. The name “Pigneto” was given to this area because of the ancient pinewood of Villa Serventi, which is still present incorporated in the neighbourhood, with its trees among the houses.


    The Torrione Prenestino and the Acqua Felice aqueduct witnessed the history of Rome both during the Empire and during the Medieval Period. However, this neighbourhood as we conceive it now was born at the end of the XIX century, as a working class neighbourhood. Pigneto neighbourhood developed gradually over the decades, until it was chosen as a filming location for some of the most famous movies of the italian neorealist cinema: “Accattone”, the first movie directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, and “Roma Città Aperta” by Roberto Rossellini.

    This postwar borgata (which is the Roman dialect for “working-class suburb”) is now an eclectic neighbourhood full of life, which inherited its artistic and cultural vocation from the directors who depicted it through their works, also thanks to the proximity of Sapienza – University of Rome. It’s the locals and the grand murals decorating the buildings of this area that bear witness to all this.


    The pedestrian area of Pigneto is this neighbourhood’s soul: every morning the farmers’ market colours brighten up the street.

    After the sun sets, the new Roman nightlife is the protagonist of this neighbourhood: Romans and tourists crowd outside all the restaurants, pubs and bars located along the street. At Salicornia you will get to enjoy a delightful seafood aperitivo paired with a fine glass of wine or a cocktail while seated in our lovely outdoor area. Otherwise, you will have the opportunity to taste the delicacies prepared by our Chef in the restaurant area. Experience all this while you’re surrounded by a welcoming, familiar and lively atmosphere.

    Check out our menu and enjoy a delightful seafood aperitivo, overlooking the pedestrian area of the Pigneto neighbourhood