Welcome to Salicornia,
in the heart of Rome

Salicornia Ristorante & Bistrot is the new seafood restaurant in Rome, overlooking the pedestrian area of Pigneto. We strive to express in a young and sophisticated environment a cuisine within everyone’s reach, with simple tastes but interesting and refined pairings.

The sea is the protagonist, in all its forms

The sea is the protagonist, in all its forms: all the foods and elements we use reflect its immense power and its calm and mild side. The colours of our plates will remind you of the sea’s depths, the tastes of its freshness. Our ingredients – carefully selected and wisely prepared by our Chef, Giuseppe Mormile – are always of the highest quality. All recipes are inspired by tradition but innovated by the creativity and curiosity of our young yet expert crew.

A unique experience, from aperitivo time until after dinner

Entering Salicornia means being welcomed in a home that will present its guests with delightful moments of serenity, while they wine and dine with their friends and family.

The seats in the Restaurant area will make your experience private and cozy, and will enable us to pay all of our guests the right amount of attention, while the Bistrot – an outdoor area overlooking the lively pedestrian area of Pigneto – will allow you to enjoy an excellent quality aperitivo with seafood and fish tapas and appetizers, with products that are always fresh and prepared on the spot.

All is accompanied by a fine selection of more than 80 wines and refined cocktails, selected by Silvia Carpene, the renowned Barlady of Buseto.

Samphire, the unique and precious sea asparagus

Samprhire (which is the translation for salicornia) is a succulent herbaceous and spontaneous plant which grows along the coastal areas of Italy. This very close relative of seaweed has extraordinary adaptability, because it can grow both near the sea and near sandy soils characterised by salt water.

The peculiarity of this sea asparagus is its resistance in saline soils, which makes it extremely rich in minerals. The nutritional values tell the story of a food low in calories but high in purifying, refreshing and antiscorbutic properties

Samphire, with its extraordinary versatility perfectly represent the philosophy of our cuisine: a journey between sea and land. We utilise it fresh as a side dish or to enrich our recipes with a touch of sapidity and subtle spiciness.