Ristorante Salicornia Pigneto

Taste the seain the heart of Pigneto

Salicornia is a sophisticated restaurant located in the Pigneto neighborhood, and will present you with the fresh flavours of the sea, accompanied by a few other selected ingredients, all of which are prepared on the spot. All our recipes are inspired by tradition and innovated by the young creativity and curiosity of our talented chef, Giuseppe Mormile.

Our selection of fine wines includes more than 80 bottles – both Italian and foreign – coming from top-notch wineries. White wines are the protagonists, while bubbly and red wines are an exclusive alternative. However, we also offer a fine selection of natural wines with unique aromas to satisfy the palates of those who love the vivacious and vibrant flavours of wines without additives. Our staff will be glad to help you with the wine pairings.


Samphire: a journey between sea and land

Samphire (i.e. the english translation for salicornia) is a succulent herbaceous and spontaneous plant which grows along the coastal areas of Italy. It is extremely rich in minerals, and its flavour and extraordinary versatility perfectly represent the philosophy of our cuisine, which is a culinary journey between sea and land. We utilise it fresh as a side dish or to enrich our recipes with a touch of sapidity and subtle spiciness.

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Outside Salicornia, the Pigneto


The Salicornia Restaurant overlooks the pedestrian area of the Pigneto neighbourhood, which is the beating heart of the new and vibrant roman nightlife.

Here, off the beaten path of mass tourism, fragments of imperial history live together with a new Rome, which is continously evolving. Pigneto was a favourite filming location for many Italian neorealist movies, and is now an eclectic and vibrant neighbourhood.

The pedestrian area of Pigneto, where you will find Salicornia, will be the ideal setting for you to have a delightful seafood aperitivo in our outdoor area or to taste our chef’s delicacies.

Enjoy today the flavours of the sea

We are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.
And if it wasn’t enough, you can book a whole area of the restaurant to celebrate with whomever you prefer!

Salicornia | Ristorante & Bistrot
Via del Pigneto 25 - 00176 Roma (RM)

Open time
Giovedì e Venerdì: 18.00 - 23.00
Sabato e Domenica: 12.00 - 15.00 / 18.00 - 23.00

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